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What is it?
A Quick Demo

Install and Set up

Move the IESMOBILE folder into place
Configure the Settings
Start / stop the Service

Master File Maintenance

Web Applications
Web Users


Web Users

Access Management

Manage Access
Access Report


Event Log
Web Apps
Web Users

Web App Writing

Web Writer extends Doc Writer and takes it to another level
Web App Writer
How to re-use or convert from Doc Writer to Web Writer
Re-use a Doc Writer object with Web Writer
There is no pre-run screen, but there is still a runtime record and values
How to set up the runtime record
There are Tag templates for User interaction
Re-Calc: How to use a re-calculation trigger for the page
Page Links: How to set up page links and build menu pages
Input Box: How to set up input boxes where the User may change the values
Droplist Box: How to provide a droplist box for easy User selection
Slider: Useful for number value selection, and easy to provide
How to use embedded and dynamic Data Streams
Data Stream Tag
Dynamic Data Streams
Error Codes with Data Streams
When you want to include custom Java Script
Where to put custom Java Script
It is easy to set up Accounts drills
How to set up a Report Value drill
How to set up an Account drill
How to set up an Account Period drill
How to set up a Transaction drill