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Slide notes: IES Client has pre-programmed Function Key activity and standard screen icon functions that are available across the board, wherever we work in the system.





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Slide notes: For example, pressing Function Key number 3 will reveal what each Function key is for on the current screen. F1 is always for Help, and F2 is always for Lookup. The other function keys are as indicated, but may occasionally have different functions on selected screen forms.




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Slide notes: The standard icons, above screen forms, also have specific functions. The 1st one is used for "log off".




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Slide notes: The 'question mark' icon can be used to invoke the Help function.




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Slide notes: The next icon is for 'lookup', same as F2.




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Slide notes: Favorite Choices as listed on My Companion can be accessed at any time from the 'heart' icon.




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Slide notes: And the 'timepiece' icon will offer 'recent choices', i.e. options that have recently been exercised.




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Slide notes: The 'cruise back and forward' icons can be used to move to the previous or next record, but mostly only for the Record Key field.




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Slide notes: Now that the focus is on the Key field, the 'next record' option will work.




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Slide notes: The 'tools' icon offers entry to a number of useful functions that can be accessed at any time.




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Slide notes: And the Application icon offers the Application Menu so that we can choose another Application to enter before returning here.




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Slide notes: The 'record delete' icon indicates that we wish to delete the current record, but only when the system will allow.




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Slide notes: The 'save' icon can be used to save the current record on an update screen.




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Slide notes: And the 'quit' icon will invoke a screen exit.




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