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Slide notes: Here we present a brief insight into the flexibility of IES Reports and report execution.





IES Reports are flexible: -

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IES Reports can be published in the Report Warehouse as electronic and paperless

reports that Users can easily browse, but they also support various other formats like

PDF, HTML, e-mail, Printer, Spread Sheets and more. Users have easy control over

what is included in a Report.





IES has 7 Report Writers

Slide notes: In order to satisfy a wide variety of reporting needs, IES has a number of in-built and easy-to-use Report Writers. There are thousands of standard Reports in the IES Business system, but it is also easy to do any additional Reports we may want to have.




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Slide notes: When a User selects a Report from a Menu, then typically a pre-run Screen like this will pop up, and in many cases we can simply click NEXT to continue to produce the Report. The 'version' option may be used to modify the report.





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Slide notes: We also have a variety of options available to change the course of the current Report execution, to our liking. We can choose from multiple formats that are offered for the Report.





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Slide notes: For example, if we choose QUERY as the format option, then the result will be put in a Spread Sheet rather than a standard report.




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Slide notes: Usually, we can choose from a selection of file output types.




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Slide notes: For HTML output, we may select a Template.




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Slide notes: We may change the Report Header, if we want to.




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Slide notes: And if multiple data selectors are offered, we can select a different selector according to the current need.




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Slide notes: Depending on the chosen data selector, we may have runtime criteria that can be changed. For example, in this case, we can select the specific Account Range to include.




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Slide notes: When we choose NEXT, then the Report will continue with execution based on any choices that have been exercised.





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Slide notes: The result may be a simple text format Report like this.




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Slide notes: Or a smarter, formatted report inclusive of charts and other visuals.




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Slide notes: IES caters for all kinds of reports that we need in Business.