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Slide notes: Both the Concrete and Weigh Bill Tickets fully support multi Currency, and it is driven by the Customer Account that is being charged. Although the visible amounts on the Ticket are always shown in Local Currency, the system will automatically sense Forex when it is present. Let us note the Customer Account being charged on this Ticket.




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Slide notes: And when we look at this Customer in the AR Debtors Ledger, we can see that the Account is managed in a linked Currency, i.e. not the local Currency of this installation.




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Slide notes: When we look at the same Ticket as before, after posting, and produce an Invoice, then we see the effect.




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Slide notes: The Invoice automatically turns into a Forex Invoice, and the billing on the Customer account is likewise in Forex.




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Slide notes: The Forex Rate that is used for such a Customer can either be the current Rate on the Currency Register, or it can be a contractual Rate.




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Slide notes: For any Customer, we can optionally list and maintain a current Exchange Rate on their Account.




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Slide notes: For the Customer on our Ticket example, we have in fact a contractual Rate listed, and until it is changed, this Rate will be used for all Tickets for this Customer.