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Document Numbers

Set Up numbering  options for Invoices and Delivery Notes View HTML View HTML 0.3 mb


Business Processes for Sales, Orders and Quotations: In-Store

FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) Go To


Business Processes for Sales, Orders and Quotations using Distribution

ODP Business Process (Order, Deliver, Pay) Go To

Indent Business Process (Order, Pay, Deliver)

Go To

Sari Sari Business Process (C.O.D. and Credit)

Go To


The Retail Application User Documentation

Overview View HTML 0.3 mb  
Locating the Customer Record View HTML 0.3 mb  
Price Instruments View HTML 0.6 mb  
Discount for AR Debtors View HTML 0.2 mb
Quotations, Sales, Orders View HTML 2.3 mb  
Dealing with Tender View HTML 1.9 mb  
Accounts Perspective View HTML 0.5 mb  
Negative Stock Controls View HTML 0.1 mb  
Master Files View HTML 1.1 mb  
Enquiries View HTML 0.5 mb  
Reports View HTML 0.8 mb  
Reversals and Corrections View HTML 0.5 mb  
Periodic Updates View HTML 0.4 mb  
Cash Up View HTML 0.8 mb  
Price Control from Procurement View HTML 0.1 mb
Lay Aways and Deposits View HTML 0.5 mb
Setup and Controls View HTML 0.1 mb
Sales Commissions View HTML 0.2 mb
Sales Item Lookups View HTML 0.3 mb