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Why Infolab Enterprise Server
The Price / performance of an IES solution is outstanding. Full business enterprise functions and solutions at a fraction of the cost when compared to others. IES has the right answer and the right solution for your Business.
What IES Offers
IES (Infolab Enterprise Server) is easy to use, fast to learn, productive and consistent. Yes, it is quite an endeavour to commit your business to a selected information solution. After the product price, there is also implementation and many resources in the business that are applied to take ownership of the solution. With IES, the Users consistently report pleasant surprise at how easy and fast it is to make IES your own and use it productively every day.
After-Sales Satisfaction
With IES, the Users report afterwards their relief and satisfaction that the system does what was claimed upfront, and what they expect from the system. Real functions and solutions that fit your needs and solve your business information challenges.
More Productive
Everybody gets more done in a day, because functions are consistently productive, easy to process the work, and when the system can do things on your behalf, it does so, leaving you free to do more.
IES is customization friendly, and apart from support from your Service Provider, your in-house IT resources can also customize, enhance and develop new functional solutions, because IES includes easy-to-use business object tools for new solutions and changes and modifications to current functions.
Robust User Interface
The Interface is user friendly and works at your office, on your desktop, your laptop and even via the internet. So you can connect to and work with your IES from anywhere in the world...
IES grows with you
IES is truly scalable. Whether starting with 1 or 10 or 100 Users, you can just add users when you grow. There is nothing about the system that has to change, just add Users when you choose to do so...
Report Writers
IES includes 1000's of standard reports as well as 7 Great Report Writers. They are easy to use and understand the IES data system, so you can make reports easily and fast...
Works right out of the box
No need to spend weeks setting up the system, everything you need is included out of the box, no extras required...
Enterprise Grade Database
IES (Infolab Enterprise Server) uses a Grade A, robust and super efficient multi-value database with easy access.
IES Business
IES Business running on your server includes all the Applications you need in your Business...
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